Rave & Resistance 'The birth of club culture in 90's Jhb' / Documentary / Colour, Online

This documentary takes you on a journey to the origins of the dance music scene in South Africa in the early '90s.

The story of South Africa is a story of polarity, opposites, and contradictions. The same can be said about our music. The early ’90s marked a period of rapid change and social upheaval - apartheid was dying but the New South Africa had yet to be born. On both sides of the color line, artists and outsiders began looking for a way to articulate this new identity. Within the township young black kids were finding a way to voice their experience in a way that had never been done before, while white people struggling with their privilege were looking at ways to connect with a world they had been separated from. These two worlds would collide in abandoned buildings in the inner city and mega bashes in the townships. Their combined efforts would produce a sound that would help this country forge its identity and become significant across the world.