Objectively Speaking / Short Film / Full post

Objectively Speaking - the 'Mic'umentary
A microphone seeks to amplify the voices of those who usually don't have one.

Directed by: Paul Speirs

Written by: Andrea Gema, Andrew Phillips, Amy Knight, Howard Fyvie, Joe Krenzer, Paul Speirs

Cinematography by: Andrea Gema

Sound Design by: Hans Raubenheimer

Music by: Maria Pien

Voices by: Andrea Gema, Amy Knight, Callie Phillips, Camilla Paget, Dominic Leo Muir, Greg Kriek, Herbert Masiyamhuru, Howard Fyvie, Hans Raubenheimer, Jessica Ritten, Joe Krenzer, Robyn-Leigh Van Laren, Thea Muir

Post Production: Then.