DORPIE / Documentary / Colour,Online



directed by Julia Jaki

Koekie, Fluksie, Zana and Jo-Marie live together in a safehouse in Bredasdorp, a town in South Africa. The small community has been shaken by a series of rapes and murders of women. Social worker Lana O'Neill felt compelled to create a safe place for the most vulnerable women in town. Her activities range widely, from picking up addicts under a bridge to negotiating funding with the mayor. Following Lana, we see how poverty, addiction and sexual violence wreak havoc on the lives of the women of Bredasdorp and the community as a whole. The government, meanwhile, is doing nearly nothing to help Lana, and the pressure on her inevitably increases. DORPIE portrays a woman making the most of her grassroots leadership qualities, but who is struggling against the tide.

Grade and Finish: Then. Post